13 de marzo de 2013

Online Communication: Critical Aspects for Management and Organisational Behaviour [Lecture]

It was a great pleasure to visit this morning the Riga Business School and delivered a guest lecture for BBA students. I addressed Online Communication: Critical Aspects for Management and Organisational Behaviour.

My aim was to introduce and to discuss basic concepts of communication for management and organisational behaviour from the "Online" perspective. As discussed with students, the possibilities on the digital era and the network society are now wider and faster, exciting indeed, but also more complex and challenging, with a number of new scenarios and actors to be taken into account.

Strategic planning, monitoring, researching, internal and external considerations, an adequate reading of the culture, language, meanings and different non-verbal elements, are crucial to successfully communicate.

I share below the presentation and the lecture's reference for students and readers to go further.

Sincere thanks to Dr. Claudio Rivera who invited me to deliver this guest lecture. I look forward to meeting you all in the near future. Feel free to comment and use this material for academic or learning purposes.


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