20 de julio de 2014

Piketty's Capital in 3 minutes

Al last. I've bought Piketty's Capital in the Twenty-First Century in latest trip to Mexico, the book "everyone" is talking about. Sadly, it is not yet available in Spanish -apparently its translation will be ready in September.

The are a number of reviews you may find useful or explanatory, I personally liked The Guardian's one, precisely because is referring to the impact, particularly in the US , the UK, and rest of Europe, of one book on economics in the public opinion, something very, very, unlike to happen.

I began my reading with one curiosity. Is about capital, of course, and inequality as both historic and economic practices' consequences. Nevertheless, Piketty is clearly stating is not interested in "denouncing capitalism or inequality per se" which immediate rise questions of ideological standings. Promising reading indeed.

For those opting the "fast-track" approach: Piketty's 'Capital' in 3 minutes:  

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