24 de mayo de 2013

GVers meeting in Georgia

April was a very exciting month. It began for me in Latvia, later an amazing trip to Georgia, and finally an unexpected return to Bolivia! All for good.

We met wonderful people in Georgia. Our hosts made us feel like part of their own family. They also showed us Georgian customs, talked a lot about their history, took us all around and, of course, treated us with amazing food.

In the streets, Georgians seem to be naturally very friendly, eager to talk to foreigners (when common language is found), and curious about where you come from (rising eyebrows and surprised faces when I said "from Bolivia").

Mirian and I in Tbilisi
I had also the chance to meet in Georgia Mirian Jugheli, a Global Voices colleague. We didn't know each other, we exchanged a few emails prior arrival, after which he kindly showed my wife and I around unusual places in Tbilisi.

We had an enjoyable conversation about many topics: the complexity of issues in Georgia and the Caucasus, the future scenarios for internal displaced people from Abkhazians like himself, the perspectives of journalism and digital activism in the world, and the political shifts/stagnations in Latin America.

Meeting Mirian refreshed the relevance of being part of Global Voices. It is not only about sharing views and commitments, but also making yourself truly feel as part of a global village. Wherever you go, no matter how far it may be, you may find peers.

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