15 de mayo de 2012

Constitution of the Republic of Užupis

Vilnius, Lithuania's capital, is a fantastic city. It contains a lot of European energy from different sources and angles: A lot of heritage as a result of centuries of rich history, more recent [and needless to say] strong traces of the Soviet era, as well as an attractive personality. Particularly the bohemian Užupis.

The district of Užupis is located right next to Vilnius Old Town. In 1997, Užupis declared its independence. Ever since, they have a government, a flag, an army and, of course, a constitution.

Whether symbolic or not, Užupis offers an environment to see the world in a different perspective. To make sense of what I say, have a look at this group of photos from Užupis and also  this other set from Vilnius.

Furthermore, have a look at the 41-article Constitution of the Republic of Užupis in Vilnius in 77 seconds:

You also can read it on this blog post.

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