19 de mayo de 2012

Workshop in Riga: Communication and Engagement

Social networks are not new to humans. They represent an elementary factor of articulation and interaction in society.

Individuals do not succeed by themselves, humans need ultimately to get together in order to act, create or transform realities.

Social Media technologies based on the Internet has given a new meaning to the concept of Social Networks. However, the fact that we can access to information, interact and potentially become part of global-scale actions, does not necessarily imply that we are effectively communicating with peers, partners or those pursuing the same goals or transforming realities.
I am conducting a workshop on Communication and Engagement for Youth Organisations at the Youth Space in Riga, starting from an understanding and collective discusion on social networking and the means of communication in society, towards a practical exercise on community builiding and management.

All content is under Creative Commons so feel free to download and use it. 

The main presentation is available furtherdown or hereYou can also download the practical guidance for community building and management.

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