10 de mayo de 2012

Posting for ISN on Security and International Relations

Being part of Global Voices (globalvoicesonline.org) is an amazing experience. As I commented before, It is a fantastic network of bloggers, activists and translators spreading peoples voices around the world.

As a Global Voices author, I was invited to join the Special Series on International Relations & Security, a project resulting from the partnership between Global Voices and the International Relations and Security Network (ISN) in Switzerland, a world-wide renowned Think Tank.

A number of posts will be published on the ISN blog discussing international relations and security issues from the citizen media point of view. 

All posts will be published/translated in/to English, Spanish, French and Arabic. 

I will be mainly posting on Latin America and more precisely on the Andean Region. The first post is "Development at What Cost? New Conflict Over Bolivia’s TIPNIS Road"

As always, comments are most welcome.

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