17 de septiembre de 2012

the real reinvention of the newspaper?

This is not about gadgets, apps or another useless social network. It is about transforming the very concept of newspapers, as in, literally, news + paper, in an interactive way.

Interactive newsprint is developing, as they describe it, an interactive paper, a type of "smart" paper:
It is responsive to a human touch – the images or text printed on it can change, or play a sound once a certain area on the surface is pressed. This means that sheets of paper can turn into interactive displays.
Photo: by InteractiveNewsPrint
Furthermore, this project is researching and focusing its development based on community interests' platforms, as an alternative to the technology companies orientation.

A fantastic way of exploring the reinvention of the newspaper, an alternative bringing new ideas to the world of news and Media.

Let's see what comes up out of it.

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