28 de marzo de 2013

Covering South America for the Global Voices-ISN partnership

I have been part of a joint project between Global Voices and ISNa Swiss open-access Think Tank on International Relations and Security, aiming to "explore international relations and security through the lens of people who express themselves in online citizen media" around de world.

Since May 2012, the team of editors and authors has covered dozens of countries on a large number of hot international topics, (the whole list of posts can be reached on this special coverage page).

As you could expect, I focused my post on South America, particularly the Andean region and Bolivia, paying attention to ongoing conflicts and key development issues at this part of the planet.

This is the list of my five published articles out of this partnership.
All of this articles have been primarily translated to French, Spanish and Arabic.

I would like to thank the editors from ISN and Global Voices, as well as my fellow authors for their  assistance and collaboration on this articles. A wonderful experience that I very much look forward to repeating in the future.

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