11 de julio de 2007

Andean Music

Humanity has a particular way of expressing its emotions, normally through music. In every culture, since history has records and proofs, music is an important part of the development of cultures. In this article we will talk about history and the development of music in the Andes.

In South America, particularly in the Andes region, we have an important musical tradition. Wind instruments and drums are part of the original melodies from magnificent cultures like Quechuas and Aymaras. Sweet and melancholic tones represent native musical heritage and have become now in an essential part of folkloric music.

Recognised around the world, Andean folkloric music comes from mixing native instruments like the sampoña or quena (Andean flutes) with guitars and the famous charango (a small guitar originally made from an armadillo shell), all this combined with romantic lyrics.

In the last twenty years, it is becoming popular mixing folkloric and modern instruments resulting in interesting fusions rhythms.

I think Andean folklore represents an essential part of my people. It gives us a global and particular identity at the same time. It is part of our main celebrations, for example Oruro carnival festival, but also it is creating a cultural connection with our past, our traditions and modernity.

I include a taste of Bolivian folkloric music for you to enjoy.

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