7 de julio de 2007

Children's dreams

Today Sarah and I decided to go out and walk around. On a windy day, we visited some areas in the south of La Paz city. Coming back home, we saw something that I could not avoid writing about. Three little kids were planting a few stems into the sand, just outside of their precarious house.

Some people could be astonished by the background and conditions of poverty when these children are growing up. This is, unfortunately, a common scene in Bolivia. Although, I said to Sarah: “it is unbelievable to see these girls playing on the sand, trying to create a garden for their house… like any child around the world wants”.

I asked myself, how amazing would it be to follow the kid’s rules? Simple and natural rules: gardens, healthy games, to share and work together for a dream, healthy environment, peacefulness… purple fire… just life. I definitely do not think these plants will survive, but I strongly hope that these little girls action never die in their hearts.

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