23 de marzo de 2012

Politics and the Media at Social Media Era

I have delivered a guest lecture at the Faculty of Social Science of Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) today.

The Era of Social Media: Continuities and Changes in the Media & Politics addressed both theoretical and empirical debates on the changes and continuities undergoing in the relationship between politics, the media and communication in times where Social Media is catching great attention.

You can find below the lecture hand-out gathering a briefing and references and further down the presentation.

Feel free to comment on both the material and the lecture itself.

Five leading points were discussed:
  • Society can now access to digital technology and produce content like never before.
  • The Media still has the capability to use resources like agenda-setting or framing. Social Media has the technical alternatives to challenge the Media, yet it tends to reproduce it.
  • Social dynamics are going digital and mobile. Are politicians and journalist going digital and mobile, too?
  • There is a new scenario for monitoring and new capabilities to challenge the media and politicians from the civil society.
  • Thus, new power relations are being re/constructed.
The lecture's presentation:

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