17 de agosto de 2012

The Last Fishermen, historic and cultural attachments in campaigning

Greenpeace is always one step ahead in terms of both innovation and engagement, as well as action and mobilization.

The UK branch has just launched a new campaign: The Last Fishermen. A fantastic piece of campaign based on media consuming trends, cultural values, a skilful use of the British collective memory and the image of the future.

The front-line of the campaign is a short documentary (embedded below) about fishermen struggling for sustainable fishing as they see no future for the  next generations. But it is not only by watching real people struggling that generates engagement and action. It's about the strong historic and cultural attachment British people (as well as other European nations) have towards sailing and fishing.

So, Greenpeace is calling for action by being a fisherman's friend. The storytelling displayed, culturally activated, aims to adjust the The European Common Fisheries Policy, technicalities affecting sustainable and non-corporate fishing.

I reckon not many people would go through all that, but certainly this campaign could engage many. Have a look at what happens right after you give your support to the campaign. 

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