4 de enero de 2011

Presentation: Security in Latin America

This presentation was delivered at the Latvian Transatlantic Organisation (LATO) in  Rīga, on the 16th of December 2010. You can find and download at the end both the presentation and the paper presented. Also, I include some pictures of the event.

The discussion addresses local and regional Latin American security issues in a global perspective. The presentation mainly focus its scope on the Andean Region. The key issues identified are poverty and inequality, crime and poor infrastructure, drug trafficking, and socio-economic instability.

These issues are normally related directly to each other, however are discussed separately due to methodological reasons. It is briefly be attempted to link them with the situation in other countries such as Brazil, Mexico or Argentina, to mention just a few.

Three guiding questions are put forward: How is it “Security” being understood in Latin America? What are the threats in Latin America? What are latent or actually real conflicts in Latin America from a global perspective?
Security in Latin America:                                                            

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