12 de marzo de 2012

LIIA update: Malvinas/Falklands: Beyond the Bilateral Conflict

On a second post for the Latvian Institute of International Affairs (liia.lv) I am discussing the Malvinas/Falklands issue, beyond the bilateral conflict.

I argue that other key players in the Region could be seeking to displace not only British but also NATO control in the South Atlantic, in a new diplomatic and geopolitical chapter for this yet unsolved issue.

This is certainly about the Argentinian's historic vindication, It's also about oil and fishing reserves in the South Atlantic. However, latest events my lead to a rather more complex recomposition of other interests this time supported by Brazil, the consolidated Regional power that may be seeking a leading role not only from an economic but also geopolitical point of view.

Feel free read the full article on http://liia.lv/en/blogs/malvinasfalklands-beyond-the-bilateral-conflict/ and comment.

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