27 de febrero de 2012

Latin America & the Baltics, a common interest agenda?

Latin America - Baltics
Is there a common interest agenda between [some] Latin American countries and the Baltics?

I began to deal with this question by exploring alternatives and proposing three starting points on my first post at the Latvian Institute of Foreign Affairs (www.liia.lv).

I suggest that democratic governability, participation and accountability experiences can be rewarding in both regions as democratic processes are recent -two or three decades ago-, there are strong civil commitment toward enhancing democracy, but also a number of unsolved issues undermining a constructive democratic governance.

Western European and Nordic countries have supported both processes of democratisation. It would be rather interesting to bridge this two regions from comparative and analytical and evaluation points of view.

Secondly, I consider that Baltics experience on integration (namely: EU, Baltic States, Nordic-Baltic countries, NATO and others) have a lot to contribute to the yet not consolidated Latin American integration processes. 

Thirdly, there are a number of trade opportunities based on the Latin American economic growth and comparative/competitive advantages in the Baltics that could create in interest common economic and trade agenda, as well as open up a broad agenda for experience exchange on sustainable development, technology innovation, freedom of speech, free Media, and so on.

The full article is available for free access following this url: http://liia.lv/component/content/article/7-blogs/60

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